Le Matin – Božo Vrećo: “My Religion is the love”

Friday morning, it was in a Vaud village that we had an appointment with Božo Vrećo, a 34-year-old singer-songwriter. He welcomes you with a broad smile, the smile of those who savour every moment of fullness that is offered to them, having experienced difficult and extreme moments, such as war or famine.

Seeing our car arrive, Bozo and her feminine silhouette shine. We are going to meet such an artist, who is a star in his country, but become here also, bearded and in a dress! While waiting to go to Cully, where he will sing tonight at the temple, the native of Foca (Bosnia and Herzegovina) came to record an exclusive title with the drummer Christophe Calpini. A project on which we will return another day, because, when one meets people of the temper of Bozo Vreco, the place to tell it will inevitably appear too short!

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