Božo Vrećo for NOIZZ: You should have courage for freedom

Božo Vrećo is the Prince of Sevdah, a singer with an angelic voice, bursting with emotions that will not leave anyone cold. He is an artist who connects his work to tradition in a way that is attractive and close to the modern audience. Based on the synergy of male and female, he became a hero of LGBT champions in the region. Through his unique image, he positioned himself as a fashion icon. Nevertheless, in all of this Božo Vrećo is an individualist who, through his struggle for freedom to be what he is, has paved the way for those who had forgotten what that meant.

In anticipation of the concert, where he will be presenting his current album “Melek” to the Belgrade audience on December 15 at the Sava Center, we talked with Božo about love, freedom and fashion. / 21.11.2018

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