Božo Vrećo wins the ELLE STYLE AWARD 2023 for music


He is unmistakable worldwide and the music he makes places him one of the most extraordinary artists of our time. The New York Times called him “an artist with an angelic voice who heals souls and opens hearts.” To this we can only add – unique, incomparable, unsurpassable. His voice reaches the most demanding scales, penetrating into the deepest essence of our being and remaining with us long after the sevdah has faded. We cannot fail to mention his authentic fashion style, as well as the important messages of love, freedom and peace that he always sends to the world.

Božo Vrećo is the winner of the award for music, which was presented to him by Olivera Stojanović, director and founder of Absolut Time, on behalf of the Tissot brand, of which she is the official representative for Serbia.

( / 22.11.2023)

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