Dnevno.rs: BOŽO VREĆO COMES TO BELGRADE – The Prince of Sevdah has released his new album and is preparing another magical night for us.

Božo Vrećo, Prince of the Sevdah and an interpreter with an angelic voice will have a concert at the Sava Center on 15 December.

Over the past few years, he has become not only regional but also European and world music sensation. This is the fifth album entitled “Melek” published by Croatia Records, which has seventeen own songs of Božo and a bonus song “Revolution” with violinist Stefan Milenkovic and Sudar Percussion. “Melek” is Božo’s world filled with love, melancholy, hope and quest for something that is greater than ourselves. It is precisely this name for the angel, a sinless spiritual being created of light in the best possible way rounding up the story of this brilliant album for which the art design is signed by Daniel Ille while the photos are the work of Sead Šašivarević. For mixing, mastering and production is the responsibility of Bozo’s loyal colleague and friend, Marko Louis.


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