Fiuman Plus – Božo Vrećo: My music is mystical and spiritual, relieves pain and gives hope to life

The unmistakable Božo Vrećo will hold a concert on August 7 at the Trsater Castle during the summer at the castle, which will be joined by renowned artists – Miro Navračić, Marko Louis and Hrvoje Rupčić. The versatile musician is above all art-loving, in fact in Sevdah and indeed in this original, which is why he always draws in his musical opus to the beginnings of Sevdahs. For himself, he says that duality characterizes him; Božo is a man and a woman, a harmony of the modern and the traditional, and thus synonymous with complete freedom. He is an interpreter, singer, but also author of sevdalinka songs and for this reason he tries to introduce himself into every performance and thus to offer the audience a true, emotional experience.

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