Večernji list: Symphony of the Sevdah ambassador, who nourishes the soul

Catharsis. That’s what an angel brings, or “Melek”, the new album by Božo Vrećo. And just when Vrećo’s audience thinks it could not be better and more beautiful, that his music is truly the best soul balm, 18 new songs are released, each of which has its own story to tell. United under “Melek” they can be heard almost conceptually. The album is nothing less than a symphony of the most intimate feelings that pour into art, as only Božo Vrećo can create.
Starting with the semantics, the title of the album already implies gentleness, love and kindness. Yet, the listener can not get there until he has experienced the pain and disappointment that implicitly permeates the entire 70 minutes of seemingly unearthly music. As in previous works, this album is dominated by a cappella vocals, subtly instrumental, accompanied by top-class musicians such as Vasil Hadžimanov (“Ko li noćas miluje ti kosu”), Miroslav Tadić (“Volio me kao oči”), Vasko Atanasovski (“Dragi “) and others.
There is, of course, Marko Louis, with whom Vrećo has been in a pretty successful symbiosis for some time now. Apart from singing vocally in “Sanjao sam”, Louis’ recognizable track is also noticeable in the songs “Jelenče”, “Esma” and “Meni si bila vrijedna”.
A special moment of the album are the transitions within the songs, as between “Polje makova” (feat Luboyna) and “Marija” (feat Ingmar Piano Duo). And just then, when the audience takes the fiery dance through the poppy field, it comes to Copernican turn, in which it would be possible by any bar itself even a stone to feel the suffering of Vrećo’s Marija. Like one of the greatest and most recognizable ambassadors of Sevdah.
Vrećo has once again shown that even the heavy things like “Melek” can bring beauty and peace.
You just have to approach them.

(Večernji list – Jelena Ružić / 23.07.18)

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